Title: The Snow Prince

Author: YeungMaiSu.

Rating: PG.

Genre: Slash.

Category: Poetry.

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski.

Spoilers: Call of the Wild and Season Three for the relationship.

Comments/Notes: Fraser, Kowalski, Vecchio and the others belong to Alliance Communications and the great Pauls (both Haggis and Gross.) This is a dalliance set between the responsibilities of real life. It is not work. I am not getting paid. I have no beta nor have I seen every episode, so all mistakes are mine. As always, for Cindy, VJ, and Sophie. I would also like to send a special thank you to Frasrgrl. Karol, my hat's off to you. And finally, to the creative forces both behind and in front of the cameras of "due South" and their wonderful fans everywhere. Long may they ride. This is the sequel to an earlier poem, THE DREAMCATCHER. But it's from Ben's POV.

Feedback: Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Date written: December 20, 2000. Copyright: January 4, 2001.


Mother left me first.

Then father, my grandparents, Victoria.

Even Ray Vecchio.

Being the coward that I am.

I ran deep into myself.

To places so dark, I could never find my way home.

And built walls higher about my heart and froze whatever feelings remained.

There I hid in my fortress of ice. Allowed no entry from outside.

Became logical.





Until you, Stan.

Came into my life and became my Ray.

Please Ray. Hold me. Want me. Need me. Love me.

Let me melt in your arms.

Let me find a home here with you.