Title: The Dreamcatcher

Author: YeungMaiSu.

Rating: PG.

Genre: Slash.

Category: Poetry.

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski. Fraser/Vecchio implied.

Spoilers: Call of the Wild and Season Three for the relationship.

Comments/Notes: Fraser, Kowalski, Vecchio belong to Alliance Communications and the great Pauls (both Haggis and Gross.) This is a dalliance set between the responsibilities of real life. It is not work. I am not getting paid. I have no beta nor have I seen every episode, so all mistakes are mine. As always for Cindy, VJ, and Sophie. I would also like to send a special thank you to Frasrgrl. Karol, my hat's off to you. And finally, to the creative forces both behind and in front of the cameras of "due South" and their wonderful fans everywhere. Long may they ride. Summary: Poor Ray Kowalski. He's feeling the blues.

Feedback: Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Date written: December 20, 2000. Copyright: January 4, 2001.


You didn't say it.

Not in the plane or on the ice.

But tonight, with only me as witness. You'll admit you miss your real partner.

And another piece of your heart will die a little.

Damn Vecchio!

Because you love him I can't say what I really feel.

So, I'll care for you.

Cry your unshed tears for you.

Hold you.

Rub your back because you're sore.

Tell you I understand.

That Vecchio's not so bad.

Then I'll cover you, make you warm.

And take in all that hurts and more.

Keep you safe.


I'll be your dreamcatcher.